In today's editorial about the beheading of a history teacher outside Paris, Le Monde points out that freedom of expression has been ceasessly under attack from radical islamists since the assassination of the team of Charlie Hebdo, in 2015.
To defend freedom of expression, unity is essential

The struggle against terrorism is a very long-term undertaking: the particularly atrocious attack on a French history-geography teacher, Samuel Paty, who was beheaded on Friday in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, outside Paris, is new proof of this. Nearly six years after the assassination of the staff of Charlie Hebdo, freedom of expression is once again at the heart of a barbarous act. And once again it was an intellectual, committed to defending diversity of opinion and religion through his profession and his personal convictions, who paid with his life.

We could argue forever, as we like to do in France and as we have the immense good fortune to be able to do, about the circumstances of this new assassination, about the assailant or assailants, about the conditions in which he was able to carry out his act and to be in France. We could debate the polices implemented by our successive governments to combat the plague of radical Islamism, we could debate their strategies, priorities and means. Such polemics are inevitable and such debates indispensable in any democratic society.

But they change nothing of substance. A man was savagely killed, with premeditation, because...

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