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"While remaining very much true to itself, the Fiat 500 has often appeared with different but always exclusive looks: this is one of the secrets of its eternal youth. Its design has continued to be unmistakable and has fired the imagination of artists and fashion designers, who have given it elegant, exclusive and sporty interpretations. Key special series include, for example, the ""500C by Gucci"", the ""500 by Diesel"" and the recent 500 Riva, ""The Smallest Yacht in the world"". Different creative universes that have successfully converged on a much-loved, inspiring and amazing car.

So what better idea than to celebrate it with a new special series in the extraordinary occasion of its sixtieth birthday? After the Fiat 500-60esimo numbered and limited edition dedicated to its sixty years and presented at the Geneva Motor Show, which celebrates the most exclusive vocation of 500, here is the new Fiat 500 Anniversario, available for orders from June 29 to celebrate its birthday, which makes reference to the true democratic nature of the car."

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