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Publié le 23/11/2017

Audi A8 Driver Assistance System - AI Active Suspension Deactivated


Adaptive air suspension already gives the A8 a wide spread of operating characteristics ranging from smooth ride comfort to sporty handling. This impression is heightened engagingly with Audi AI active suspension, which will be available from market launch for the V6 TFSI and the two V8 versions. It is a standard feature on the W12. Audi AI active suspension is a fully active, electromechanically operated suspension system. For each wheel there is one electric motor supplied by the 48-volt primary electrical system. In each case there is also a transmission, a rotary tube housing a titanium roll bar and a lever that exerts up to 1,100 newton-meters (811.3 lb-ft) on the suspension via a coupling rod. A new feature in active suspension is that the load can be increased or reduced individually on all four wheels, for active control of the body in every driving situation. This introduces a new dimension of flexibility: If the driver selects the dynamic mode in the Audi drive select system, the new A8 becomes an agile sports car - it turns in firmly, and its roll angles are roughly halved compared with the normal status. By contrast, in comfort mode, the body floats smoothly even over rough bumps in the road.

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