"Polo Storico unveiled a very special and completely restored Miura SV at Rétromobile (6 - 10 February), the Paris show devoted to classic cars, in front of the eyes of its illustrious owner, Jean Todt, currently President of the FIA, the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile. During the handover ceremony, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini Stefano Domenicali personally handed the keys of the restored Miura SV to its lucky proprietor: 'I've had a passion for beautiful cars from a very young age. The Miura SV was a dream car to me. I even had a scale model. Now, many years later, I feel very blessed to own a real one,' said Jean Todt.

This was the culmination of a painstaking process lasting 13 months, which involved the complete dismantling of the car, making it possible to verify each and every detail: from the markings on the frame, body, and interiors to the numbering and dating present on the other components. Polo Storico also verified the vehicle's conformity with the notes present in the assembly books stored in the Lamborghini archives. During these months, Mr. Todt regularly visited the Polo Storico to observe the restoration process from close up: 'It's been exciting to follow the evolution of the car. I still haven't quite realized that the process has now come to an end. I need to take the time to digest and comprehend that this is now reality. In the Seventies, a dear friend of mine, the famous singer Jacques Dutronc, owned a Miura. He loaned it to me to go to the Montecarlo Grand Prix but, before I did, I went to the Champs Elisées to buy a newspaper at one in the morning. Back then, I never thought that, in a later chapter in my life, I could find a beautiful one, own it and have it restored to perfection, thanks to the Polo Storico.'"

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