"Taking a wrong road can prove to be fatal. In these cases, timing is everything: alerting users of the road to imminent danger can help to avoid or at least limit the consequences of the impact. In Germany alone, around 2,000 vehicle notices are circulated on the wrong track every year. However, communication is often too late and a third of such incidents occur after the driver has already traveled an average of 500 meters. For this reason, Bosch has developed the wrong-way driver warning which, in the event of danger, sends a warning to the driver traveling on the road and to other vehicles connected nearby, within 10 seconds.

In Germany, the service is already active: the wrong roadway warning system from Bosch has been integrated into the Antenne Bayern app. In this way, as soon as a vehicle approaches a highway entrance or exit, the wrong-way driver warning automatically transmits motion data to the Bosch cloud anonymously. The Bosch technology then compares the direction of the vehicle with the permitted travel direction, which is stored in an online database. If these two information do not match, the system warns the driver against his mistake. In addition, the app will immediately alert all other vehicles in distress that are nearby. Cloud-based communication is interrupted as soon as the roadside emergency is over."

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