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Publié le 25/07/2013

Egypt: clashes and bomb explosion leave at least 10 dead


A bomb explosion has ripped through a police station north of Cairo killing one person and injuring 17 others officials confirmed.

Security sources say the bomb was hurled from a passing car in Mansoura,the capital of Dakhalia province. The Muslim Brotherhood party condemned the bomb attack.

It came after overnight clashes between supporters and opponents of ousted President Mohammed Mursi in which nine people died.

A number of the victims were killed at a sit-in held by pro-Mursi supporters near Cairo university, while the Muslim Brotherhood reported two had died in a march supporting the ousted former president.

Mr Mursi’s family had earlier accused the military of abducting him.

About 100 people have died in violence since the army deposed Mursi and replaced him with an interim administration led by Adli Mansour, the head of the constitutional court.

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