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Publié le 23/11/2017

Audi A8 Driver Assistance System - Pre-Sense Side


Audi pre sense side reacts in the event of a collision from the side. It uses data from the radar sensors used by the intersection assistant to calculate the probability of an accident involving traffic approaching from the side. The system can detect the threat of side collisions at speeds of up to approx. 60 km/h (37.3 mph) and apply preventative measures to help protect occupants. These include: activating the hazard lights, tensioning the safety belts (reversible), optimizing the seating position, and activating the closing process for the optional panoramic glass roof and windows. In an impending lateral collision at more than 25 km/h (15.5 mph), the suspension actuators of the optional Audi AI active suspension raise the body on the side exposed to the danger by up to 80 millimeters (3.1 in) within half a second. The other vehicle therefore hits the car in an even more impact-resistant zone. The side sills and floor structure accommodate a large portion of the impact forces. Deformation of the cabin and the loads acting on the occupants, above all to the chest and abdomen areas, are reduced by up to 50 percent compared with a lateral collision with no raising of the suspension.

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