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Publié le 23/11/2017

Audi A8 Driver Assistance System - Manoeuvre Assist


Where is the drone? This question automatically springs to mind when you see the TopView 3D function (available on request) on the MMI display. But although the depiction of your car with its immediate surroundings is as lifelike as a photo taken from a bird's eye view, it is, in fact, a virtual image. Feeds from four cameras are converted by highly intelligent processors and clever algorithms into a brilliant aerial perspective and astonishing three-dimensional views. During parking and other maneuvers typically performed at speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour, the car's immediate environment is displayed, allowing for easy and accurate execution. The optional new maneuver assistant also uses the benefits of this technology. It prompts the driver to correct the line of travel when the car risks imminent collision with an immobile object by sending an impulse to the steering wheel. If this warning is ignored, or the system detects a moving object, the Audi A8 automatically applies the brakes shortly before the impending impact so as to prevent damage to the car.

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