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Three days mourning after train crash in Spain, declares PM Rajoy


Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has declared three days of official mourning after the the high-speed train crash in Galicia.

Rajoy made the announcement after visiting the hospital where the majority of the victims were taken.

He was especially affected by the crash, which came on the eve of a big festival in the region where he grew up.

“For a person like me, born in Santiago, this is the saddest St James’ day of my life… I want to tell you that, right now, there are two coordinated investigations: one judiciary investigation and another led by the ‘Railway Accident Investigation Commission’, under the leadership of the minister of transport. The priority remains to identify the persons who died. You know that this, unfortunately, is not always easy. But we fully understand that the families can’t live in a state of uncertainty.”

Ninety five victims have been admitted to hospital. Thirty two remain critical, according to local government officials. The local authority has launched a blood drive as medical staff struggle to deal with one of Spain’s worst train accidents.

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Publié le 25/07/2013

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