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Pope Francis to visit holy shrine of Aparecida


Pope Francis spent the second day of his visit to Brazil going to meetings and attending a private church service in Rio de Janeiro.

The calm day follows a tumultuous start to the Pope’s visit, his first foreign trip as pontiff.

He was greeted on Monday by huge ecstatic crowds in Rio, but there were also demonstrations against the cost of his visit.

On Wednesday, it will be back to the huge crowds. His next stop is the city of Aparecida in Sao Paolo state, where tens of thousands of people are expected.

Pope Francis will be holding a mass in the city’s basilica, which houses a shrine to the Virgin of Aparecida, Brazil’s patron saint. For many Catholics, it is considered to be the country’s holiest site.

A bomb was found in a bathroom near the basilica ahead of the Pope’s visit. It was safely removed by the authorities, who said the device had “little potential to cause fatalities”.

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Publié le 25/07/2013

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